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What is “Courage Created”? 

We’re a coaching and consulting practice focused in the areas of purpose and performance. As you’ll find throughout our website, we specialize in programs meant to get you UNSTUCK from the uncertainties and fears holding you back today, and get you proactively living into a future self that excites you. 

Why trust us? 

We’re not “internet entrepreneurs” that decided one day to call ourselves coaches. We have decades of collective experience in coaching, professional and personal development, program design, and business development. We have doctorates in education and leadership, advanced education in psychology, and more. This is our life, our passion, our purpose.

And, by the way, we’ve been there. We’ve faced our own existential dilemmas – personally and professionally. We’ve designed and executed our own career and personal transitions, along with the hundreds we’ve coached. We get it. 

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Select the link below to learn more about our coaching programs. We have a range of options to meet any need in the areas of purpose, performance, and courage. Options range from customized programs meeting weekly to monthly programs designed for action and accountability. 

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Mark, Texas

I used to live in a constant state of fear and insecurity. In my professional life I went into every meeting and conversation with the belief that I didn’t belong there. Even in my personal life I looked at every neighbor and family friend as more “successful” than me. I was referred to Lester by one of these neighbors, and we were 5 minutes into our first conversation when he said the word that nailed this feeling I had always carried – IMPOSTER. We worked together for close to a year, and by the end of that time I had tripled my production at work, saved my marriage, and am close to being the dad I’ve always wanted to be. All because I finally confronted the stories in my head that have held me back, and with his help created new ones that I can believe in.   

Jenni, New York

When I first started working with Lester I was a total mess – but didn’t know it yet. I wanted to change everything in my life, which is why I thought I needed a coach. When I first started with him I seriously thought I hated him. His questions were annoying. The way he challenged what I said was annoying. One day I realized it wasn’t Lester I hated, but myself. It felt like the flood gates had opened, and life made more sense. I now have a future I’ve designed that I’m excited about. I wake up each day knowing what has to be done to make the future possible. I now understand why he repeated the words clarity and process to me over and over, although back then I wanted to punch him in the face each time he said it. Lester is like the brother I never knew I needed, hated at times, but changed my life forever.

Tori, Arizona

Lester has gotten me mentally and emotionally reengaged with my professional world.  I have found purpose and vision and therefore focus and fulfilment in my day-to-day work and in my life.  He came into my life when I was so overwhelmed and unclear with myself and what I wanted out of my job and out of life that the only real, actionable thing I wanted to do was quit working and pursue other things.  What I found in my time with Lester is a way to make my job a part of my future plan – to help maximize my opportunity there and to have a real sense of joy and fulfilment from my time spent at work.  Had you asked me at the time when I first started engaging with Lester that would have been an outcome, I’d have considered that impossible.  I’ve begun to find the joy in pursuing a better version of myself.

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