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Courage is Created – Our Network of Coaches

Team Courage is a not a coaching practice, but a community. Yes, we have coaches that share content with the community, run workshops, and more. But we also are working daily to grow an online community that shares its experiences, cheers each other on, and works in a collective effort to achieve our individual goals.

Our coaches, though? Yup, they’re the real deal.

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Dr. Lester Clowes

Founder, Coach

Lifetime coach/mentor/teacher, lover of learning and anything challenging, most proud of being a dad

Former school principal and “New Schools Coach.” Left his career in education to dedicate himself full-time to coaching and growing careers and lives from all industries and areas. Obsessed with “future hacking” – defining the most ambitious version of yourself and creating the process to achieve it.

  • Life By Design – Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Purpose Coaching
  • Life Coaching

Mason Cary

Operations, Analyst

Current grad student at UGA pursuing Master’s in Analytics, passionate about data, efficiency, and continuous improvement

Dr. Grace Losada

Partnered Coach

Coach & entrepreneur, certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator, mentor for many, leader & educator, unconditional dog lover

Quemille Benitez

Partnered Coach

Obsessed with strategic planning and brand development, Expert in business development

Amy Blankson

Partnered Coach

Speaker, author, and coach on Digital Flourishing, certified Insights Discovery facilitator, moderately famous unicorn, and aspiring cellist

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