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What are the differences between coaching, a mastermind, or a workshop?

Coaching is ideal for the individual that is in the early stages of their effort, the person that is aware of a targeted need of support, or for someone stuck in “a rut.” Coaching typically occurs in a 1:1 setting (in-person, online, phone) with a weekly or biweekly rhythm to meetings. In the beginning of a coaching journey the participants create an agreed-upon outcome to be achieved, as coaching is based in objectives. The coach is an expert in the journey and principles. 

A mastermind is created from a collective of coach and participants. It is ideal for those who have a solid foundation in place but are desiring to take their performance to the next level. For this reason, the construction of a mastermind is often as important as the journey itself. The coach must ensure each member is prepared to both learn from the coach and their peers, and also be able to bring value to the group. All members of the mastermind share a similar directional purpose.

Workshops are about maximum learning in short period of time, where you come to someone who has “done it.” Think, exposing yourself to someone’s 10 years knowledge in 2 hours of your time. Workshops are tightly focused on a single topic that you need in order to improve your performance in a key area. The best workshops are not designed for “sit and get,” but instead offer a predesigned framework for you to learn in the setting and immediately begin implementing.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching significantly improves performance. One study found the average return on investment of coaching program in a corporate setting to be 570%. There simply is no research-supported claim to a better investment for personal development. Over 70% of those who participate in work-related coaching programs experienced a visible improvement in their performance, as determined by their boss. Other areas of note: ability to establish and take action on goals, better communication, increase problem solving, and more.

Additionally, 96% of people that participated in coaching programs stated they would repeat the process if faced with the same situation that initially led them to seek out coaching.

In terms of coaching for the whole organization, reported benefits have been an increased organizational capacity for problem solving, a greater ability to identify and nurture potential leaders, more positive and effective communication across the company, higher levels of collaboration and effective teamwork, and more.

For a larger discussion on the benefits of coaching, you can check out our “All About Coaching” page at our parent site, https://www.retri.consulting/all-about-coaching/.

What should I expect in a 1:1 coaching program?

Coaching has been described as many things, and understandably since it’s such a personal experience. We prepare our clients for coaching by describing it as intense, deeply personal, and also one of the most fulfilling efforts you could ever attempt.

One area that people misunderstand about coaching is the work involved. The coach is not there to do the work for you. We help you define your vision, but you own it. We help you in problem and question identification, but we don’t ask them for you. We guide you in the process of developing your path forward, but we don’t design it for you.

It’s up to you to make the decisions and to do the work. This is why we spend a considerable amount of time helping people determine whether coaching is right for them, and whether they’re ready for the commitment.

What should I expect in a mastermind? In a workshop?

Just like coaching, masterminds are also an intense experience that you want to be sure you’re prepared for, but for their own different reasons. In a coaching program, you have a commitment to the coach and to yourself. In a mastermind, you also have a commitment to the coach and yourself, but also to the other members of your mastermind. This really is a “sum of all parts” scenario, where everyone grows and benefits to the greatest extent possible when all members of the mastermind or engaged, collaborating, and accountable.

Workshops are a wonderful option for those that aren’t sure yet about coaching or masterminds, but want to learn new frameworks and improve a targeted area of their life. How do we manage our workshops? We send resources and some prelearning items beforehand so you can arrive in an optimal state of mind, because for a 2-3 hour period we’re going to move quickly through content exposure and individual practice.

What are the costs of coaching services, of a mastermind, or a workshop?

One important note on the fees outlined below. As much as we’re coaches, we’re also a group of creatives who are always designing and testing potential programming. Our alpha and beta offerings are made available to our Facebook and email communities before going public, and at a fraction of the cost. If you want to stay up to date on what we’re developing and to become one of our testers, be sure to join our Facebook group and sign up for our emails.

Individual coaching rates depend on which coach you’re working with and the type of program, but almost all sessions fees with fall into a range between $150-400. There are also options for monthly “retainer” schedules that will range between $700-2000, depending on number of sessions, services, and more.

Masterminds vary in scope in both time (6 weeks to a year) and composition (number of people, rhythm of meetings). If you’re looking for a ballpark, though, plan on masterminds to range in average cost/month from $1000-2000.

In almost all cases, workshops will range between $100-200.