Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is very real, especially the last few weeks. I’ve seen it in my own household. I’ve seen it with my clients. Many of us have invested a majority of our energy and resources into safety and basic needs. 

I went back through my day planner this morning and reviewed what I had written in terms of daily gratitude. 

Healthy and happy girls. 

Food to eat and the ability to generate income. 

Healthy and happy girls. 

Awesome clients. 

It was the same couple of items but written differently: health of my family and the ability to provide for them. And I know you’ve been in a similar place. There are so many scary unknowns right now. This pandemic has created a siege of sorts and we’re all doing what we can to adapt and create a new sense of normalcy for ourselves, and one of health and substance. 

But is this really it? 

Yesterday my 8 year old was on a Zoom call with her teacher and classmates. When she got off she came to me laughing, so of course I asked what was so funny. She said all of her classmates were talking about wanting to go back to school because they were bored. But she wasn’t. She was laughing because she was the only one who said she was having fun and really enjoying “the quarantine,” and she’s enjoyed all this time with her family. 

We’re all surrounded by crazy abundance on a daily basis. Of course we still need to worry about basic needs and safety. But you also need to remember to only focus on what you can control, and do what you can within that sphere. When you’ve done that you’ll realize there’s so much more space within everyday to pay attention to the abundance. 

Create memories with your loved ones. 

Take advantage of the massive wealth of online learning resources and develop a new skill. 

Reconnect with the people you value but have lost touch with. 

And actively express gratitude for all the abundance we still possess.