Fear has a very steep price. 

If fear prevents action, then what have you lost due to actions you haven’t taken? 

I’m sharing this question with you today because it’s been on my mind daily. I really do credit this question with turning my life around five years ago. But lately it’s been more haunting than anything – and I mean that in a good way. 

All of us are facing uncharted waters. Each day feels a massive effort in pushing forward – getting the work done, handling responsibilities at home, ensuring you don’t fall into a pit of negativity. And each day is not an exaggeration, as every day feels unique in its disruptions, and more. 

Whoever came up with the saying “every day is an adventure” – even that person would be overwhelmed right now. 

But sometime in the near future we’re each going to find a new normal, and when that day arrives will you be positioned for success? Will you look back on these previous days and be full of regret, or will you have committed to the daily actions needed to be ready to rock? 

After I’ve sketched out my response to “What does a kick ass day look like?” I then ask myself the question “What will the costs be for not taking these actions?” 

Fear prevents action. Fear of the unknown or fear of failure. Fear of pain or discomfort. 

But for every potential action there are at least two consequences – the reward for achievement or the cost of inaction. And when you begin tracking the costs of inaction, you begin to realize the potential future that you’re choosing to let slip away. 

Don’t be that person who weeks from now is frustrated with their professional and personal lives. Commit to the actions today that will work towards a future that excites you.